Honeycomb Medal Hanger
Honeycomb Medal Hanger
Honeycomb Medal Hanger
Honeycomb Medal Hanger

Honeycomb Medal Hanger

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Honeycomb Medal Hanger
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The future of medal display is here! Introducing the new way to display your hard work - Honeycomb Medal Hangers!
Easy Setup - No more holes or nails in your walls. Just put the medal in, peel off the adhesive tape, and put it up!
Stylish and Fun - The bamboo texture and elegant design are sure to impress! Easily and effortlessly create beautiful honeycomb arrangements.
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*Dimensions: 140 x 160 x 18 mm / 5,5 x 6,3 x 0,7 in
Turn Your Medal Display Into A Piece Of Art
Easy to Setup and Arrange
Place your medal ribbon behind the removable plate so it looks nice and tidy from the front-facing side;
Attach the plate to the hanger. The magnets make it easy to adjust or re-arrange;
Use the 2-sided tape (provide) to adhere the hanger to your display wall. No drilling or nails required. 
Showcase In Style
Finely crafted out of real bamboo, the unique texture and shape of these hangers will make your medal collection light up any space."
Build Your Bling Wall!
The unique hexagon design is just magic. No matter how few or many medals you have to put up, these honeycomb hangers will look stunning.

Time to get creative and make your own wall of fame!
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Honeycomb Medal Hanger