Machu Picchu Virtual Challenge

Machu Picchu Virtual Challenge

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Machu Picchu Virtual Challenge
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Explore the 'Lost City of the Incas' in this trek to one of the world's most famous heritage sites. This virtual challenge takes you 20 miles / 33 km along the Inca Trail in Peru and right through Machu Picchu, one of the new seven wonders of the world.

Each time you log any distance based exercise activity such as running, walking, hiking etc your progress automatically update along the virtual map.


Set your own start date and challenge yourself to complete this virtual adventure by tracking your walking, running and hiking distance.

Advance along the virtual route and see your progress updating in real time everytime you walk, run or hike using the award-winning Pacer app on your phone.

Cross the finish line and receive a gorgeous finisher’s medal in the mail, as well as an exclusive virtual badge in the Pacer app!

Whatever your fitness goal, this challenge will be the perfect tool to get you motivated to be more active and feel awesome! 

  • Complete virtually from anywhere in the world
  • Customize time frame to fit your own schedule and ability
  • Get a gorgeous MEDAL with worldwide FREE shipping

Add the impressive Machu Picchu medal to your collection today! We ship medals worldwide!

12,589 have joined, will you?


Get a Medal!

Show off your achievement and celebrate with this Kilimanjaro finishers medal, a thank you gift to you for participating in this virtual challenge.

Your medal will be mailed to you within 7-10 business days after you complete your challenge registration. We offer FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING anywhere this challenge is available.

*89mm x 90mm x 5mm, 200g

Map Your Virtual Experience

All of our Virtual Challenges can be completed by downloading the free Pacer app. The Pacer app automatically tracks your activity 24/7 and uploads your progress to the virtual map and leaderboard.

Check your progress at any time just by opening the app! Challenge yourself to complete the challenge all by yourself, or invite friends and family along for a little friendly competition and support.


+So Much More!

Anywhere, anytime
Track your progress and right from your phone with our globally trusted Pacer app.

Solo or with friends
Choose to complete your challenge by yourself or invite friends to join with you (each participant needs a separate registration code).

Your time, your place
You choose when you want your challenge to start and end so that it fits your schedule. Complete your challenge virtually wherever you are.

A complete fitness tracking experience
More than just this challenge, you’re also getting access to everything the award-winning Pacer app has to offer: a complete fitness tracker with all-day pedometer, GPS tracking for runs and hikes, video workouts and stretches, advanced data analytics, and the world’s most supportive fitness community!


Adventure Checkpoints

You will unlock new locations along the map as you progress through your challenge. Each new location is a chance to immerse yourself in the virtual experience and learn about local landmarks, history and culture.

Just some of the checkpoints you'll visit:

The Sun Gate

Old City Gates

Machu Picchu 

+many more!


Everything included in Your Registration:

-Individual entry for this challenge

-Exclusive, stunning FINISHERS MEDAL as a gift for your participation

-FREE global shipping on medals wherever challenge is available

-Your progress automatically updated on virtual map

-Leaderboard for friends and family

-Complete virtual experience with our globally trusted mobile app

-Unlocked checkpoints along the way

-Dedicated support staff
 to make sure you have the best experience!

Start your journey today!

12,000+ Participants and Counting
Hear from our happy customers around the world. We at Pacer Adventure Challenge hope to create a great virtual fitness experience for users of any age at any capability level.
Helen Jones
This is so good when you want to challenge yourself! Having a proper medal waiting for me at the end of my virtual challenge kept me motivated and on track.
Kate Grace
I've got some physical limitations so Mt Fuji has been amazing to finish! Now for my next adventure 😁
Jason Hill
I really enjoyed the challenge and found it very interesting with the cultural information as you reach the check points..👍
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Machu Picchu Virtual Challenge